Riverdale star KJ Apa With His New Beard Looks

If you are a big fan of KJ Apa then you must be desiring to see him in his new looks. The new looks of actor KJ Apa that we are talking here is not of any movie or television character but we are talking of his real character in his personal life. We are talking of his new love.

No, No…. we are not talking of his friendship with anyone. But his personal life changes. He has actually started growing beard. And so, if you are a fan of KJ Apa then you have another reason of growing the beard.

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Let us come back on KJ Apa and see why he has suddenly decided growing the beard? Has he developed love for the beard or is there something else?

The current situation of Covid has vastly impacted the lives of all of us. Many of us are trying to spend our days doing one thing or other. Some have started playing computer games while others have started showing deep interest in physical sports.

Some people have made exercise as a part of their daily routine and some have started gaining weight by eating too much :). I don't know what you have started doing extra as part of isolation. Let me know that in comments :).

The star cast of famous television series Riverdale has developed a love for beard. He has stopped shaving and has surprised his all fans with his new beardy looks.

He has posted his new beardy pictures on the instagram and let me say you one thing, he looks Howling in the new beard style.

KJ Apa plays Archie Andrews in Riverdale and for the show; he had to dye his hair so that the hair fits into the character. And now, when he is days away from Riverdale then he has started keeping his hair natural and without any color.

The natural beard is looking very nice on him. And actor KJ Apa is also enjoying his new bearded looks.

If you don't know about KJ Apa or Riverdale series then you can check and know more about KJ Apa on Wikipedia. Further, you can also Google to know about him.

We have seen mixed reactions of KJ Apa fans on his new bearded looks. Some fans are appreciating the new looks while others are not liking it. To me, beard looks always rock. And I can say that it is far better transition for him from shaving life to a bearded man.

As per some of his fans, KJ Apa is still not ready for his bearded looks while others feel the viceversa. Some are saying that he is rocking new looks and he should have done this months’ back. Everyone has his or her own opinions but I always prefer beard over non-beard looks.

It is not that KJ Apa is in news due to the bearded looks but he has done something more as well. He has joined Tiktok with username fifiisqueen. Since joining, he is becoming famous on Tiktok. He has uploaded some of the finest dance videos. His fans are enjoying these dance videos to the fullest.

Some of his fans are comparing him with Noah Centineo. If you know, Noah Centineo is an American actor and model. If you have seen ‘The Fosters’ then you must have enjoyed the act by Noah Centineo.

Not just KJ, but his fellow worker Cole Sprouse is also experimenting with the facial hairs. He was growing his mustache for a role but it did not work as he hit quarantine. So now, Cole Sprouse is also trying to grow his facial hair including mustache.

Personal Life of KJ Apa
KJ Apa's full name is Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa and he is a renowned singer, actor and musician from New Zealand.

Mr. Apa started his career in New Zealand's prime-time soap opera 'Shortland Street'. This was the crucial part of his career from 2013 to 2015. Then came the golden period for him when he was signed for drama series Riverdale in 2016. He plays the role of Archie Andrews in Riverdale.

KJ Apa is firm believer in God and he states that he needs God daily. And it is difficult for him to spend even a single day without the blessings of God.

2017 changed his life as he got the chance to work in a movie 'A Dogs Purpose'. He played the role of Ethan Montgomery in it and received good appreciation from his fans and friends.

After this movie, he established himself as a Movie-actor and got a movie every year since then. In 2018, he signed as 'The Hate u Give' while in 2019, he got a chance to work in 'The Last Summer'. He has also acted in the movie 'I Still Believe' as Jeremy Camp.

Riverdale gave him much appreciation and he also won the breakthrough performance Saturn Awards for his role.

I hope the new beard looks for KJ Apa will bring him more success and more fame in his life and he will be increasing his fan-base.

Let me know what you think on the new bearded looks for actor KJ Apa and what do you think on his decision?

Do you think that KJ Apa has done a good move by getting himself into the bearded man category from a no-shave life?

What do you think that whether KJ Apa would be keeping his beard now throughout his career or would he be shaving it for his new role?

To be honest, I don’t know what Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa will do with his new beard but I want that he should also come in our Bearded Men category.

Whatever KJ Apa does is his decision and we at HowlingBeard Company wish all the best for his career and his new looks.

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