Which Beard Products To Use? - Beard Butter Vs Balm Vs Oil

If you are beginning in men’s grooming then you must be questioning yourself that which beard products to use in order to get a howling beard and which beard products are best for you?

As and when the male grooming industry is spreading rapidly, so is the type of products. There are various terminologies when it comes to male grooming products. Some of them are beard butter, beard balm and the famous beard oil.

Today, we are going to explore on these things that what these beard products are and do we really need either one of them or all of them for the keep and care of our magnificent beards.

Read on the complete guide to get the answer of the question that which beard products you have to use.

First of all, let us understand the various terminologies used in Men Grooming Industry. We will be covering beard oil, beard balm and beard butter in this knowledge base post.

Which Beard Products To Use

Definitions on Beard Oil, Beard Butter and Beard Balm

All 3 products – oil, balm and butter are different and you cannot say that one is sound enough to replace the other. All three have different purposes and keep different ingredients.

Let us first look on the differences between all three men’s grooming products and then you can think of that which beard products you should use and why.

Beard Oil: This is the first product for anyone whether one is starting on his beard journey or is a professional in his beard growth. Beard Oil is mainly used for moisturizing the skin. It acts as a leave-in conditioner.

As the name suggests, it is oil basically. But which type oil? It is infact, the beard oil and therefore, it should be very special so that it may prove beneficial for your facial hair. Had it been simple oil then nobody would have thought of purchasing it separately and spending the dollars on it.

Bearded guys would have used their normal oils only which they use on your head, for their facial hair as well.

So, what is so special about beard oil and what it contains so special?

Beard Oil is actually mixture of various oils. These oils when combined prove very healthy for your beard.

While making beard oil, we have specially taken care of the ingredients. HowlingBeard Company’s Beard Oil is a mixture of the various oils extracted from below mentioned things. In other sense, our oil is a mixture of all the oils mentioned below:
• Hazelnut
• Meadow foam
• Hemp Seed
• Cherry Kernel
• Abyssinian Seed
• 100% Pure Essential and Fragrant Oils

You can see that how many different ingredients are used in the manufacturing of beard oil.

If you are feeling beard itch then you should definitely use the beard oil. It also helps in the growth of your facial hair.

If you are using it continuously then you will see a dramatic change in the texture and firmness of your beard. But there is a way of applying the beard oil. We have written a detailed guide on its usage.

Check it at on how to apply and use beard oil.

Beard Balm
The next product that we are looking into is beard balm. A beard balm typically is made up of several ingredients such as carrier oils, beeswax and mixture of various butters. Beeswax is one of must included ingredient when it comes to the manufacturing of beard balm.

The Beard Balm generally is used to hold your beard hair and control the flying hairs. It is used for firmly holding the beard.

Pro-Tip: If you have a short beard then you must include Beard Balm as part of your beard-care routine. It will prove as one of the best beard products to be used by you.

Since beard balm is used to firm hold the beard, it becomes must for shorter beards.

It is used for styling the hair and to provide a good lock on them so that the hair sticks perfectly to your skin and your beard gets a good gripping power.

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Beard Butter
Now, comes the third part of series which is beard butter. The Beard butter is a mixture of various oils and butters. When it comes to ingredients of beard butter, they can be or cannot be the same as of balm.

Butter acts as a conditioner for your facial hairs. It moisturizes your skin and makes it soft. Also, it helps in making your beard as pretty soft.

If you will notice HowlingBeard Company’s butter and balm then you will notice that both have the same ingredients.

Then what is the real difference between Beard Butter and Beard Balm?

The difference comes in the way the quantity and percentage of the ingredients are used in manufacturing of both products.

Manufacturing Men’s Grooming products is not a straight-forward technique. It involves the proper blending of various items and how much quantity of each item is used. The difference comes in the way all the ingredients are mixed so that we finally get a product.

Blending the right ingredients and the right quantity are the basis for yielding the best beard products.

You will see that butter is little soft than balm. It provides hold to your beard but it generally provides light hold as compared to balm.

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Beard Butter and Beard Balm Ingredients:
HowlingBeard balm and butters are made up of below things:
• Butters – Avocado, Macadamia Nut, Jojoba, Hemp Seed
• Argan Oil
• Bees Wax
• 100% Pure Essential Oils
• Fragrant Oils

Beard Soap
Now, this is the bonus thing. I didn’t tell you that I will be explaining the soap also in this article. But let us go a step forward and let me add here soap too.

So, what is beard soap and why I am adding it here? And is it so essential that while explaining the men's grooming balm, butter and men's oil, I have to add soap too?

The short answer is Yes.

And the long answer is that the soap is one of the recommended items to add as part of your beard-care routine. So, you can say that facial hair washing soap is one of the best beard products to use.

Soap helps your facial hair to get rid of all the dust and dirt. It further nourishes your facial hairs. There are many more benefits of soap. It helps in the perfect washing and cleaning of your beard.

Plus, if you have applied one scent today and tomorrow, you want to apply the other one then soap plays a good role in eliminating the fragrance of first scent.

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Mustache Wax
This is one another thing which I am going to explain here. If you have a moustache then you should go with a product especially designed for your moustache only. It is called ‘Moustache Wax’.

Our HowlingBeard Company’s Mustache Wax also comes in 6 different scents and you can choose the scent as per your desire. All scents differ by ingredients and fragrances and select the one which you are going to prefer.

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Beard Comb
For combing your hairs and giving them a good shape and style, you need a good comb as well. Some people use the same comb for their beards which they use for their heard hairs. No doubt, you can do that but honestly, I don't like that.

You should always treat your Facial Hair as something different to that of your Head Hair. And you should keep both combs different. I would say any comb works for your head but when it comes to face; only few companies are able to make such good combs which work for your face and the hairs of face.

You can check our Combs and Scissors collection here.

Beard Scissor
I am mentioning the scissors here but scissor is something that you can avoid. Atleast in initial days, I don’t think that there would be any need of scissors. But when your beard grows much and if some of your hairs go in different paths then you cannot pluck them by your hand. At that very moment, scissors become must.

But yes, in initial journey of grooming, scissors might not be required. I suggest you that in the beginning, you can avoid the scissor (and if you are hard on cash) else you can go with purchasing a good scissor.

Which Beard Products To Use? – I Am A Beginner Bearded Man

If you are starting out on your beard journey then you must be wondering that of all the men's grooming products mentioned above, which beard product you should start with and why and how?

And now when you have a good understanding of all the different men’s grooming products then you must be wondering that with which beard products to use and with which you should go with.

For people starting on their facial hairs journey, I advise you to suggest to below routine:

• Use Beard Oil after shower in the morning and then after some time, put butter on it. Stick to this routine for a week (first 7 days).

• After a week, add balm to your daily beard care routine. Now, here is some twist. Till now, you were using oil and butter in the morning. But now, you have to use butter in the evening before bed. You can either use immediately before bed or few hours before sleep.

• It means on 8th day of your grooming journey, use oil and balm in the morning and in the evening, use butter.

Oil you have to use the same way as you were using and after that, apply balm the same way you were applying the butter. But just replace butter with balm this time. Now, butter has come to the night.

• If you have mustache as well then use mustache wax in the morning. After oil and balm, apply the moustache wax. Remember that the mustache wax is only for your mustache. This mustache wax also starts on 8th day.

However, if you don’t have a beard and only mustache then obviously, you can start the wax for your mustache from 1st day itself.

• Use a good comb after all done. Use comb for sure in the morning as you need to go out and meet with new people. And in the night, it is good to use comb but since you just have to sleep and no need to go anywhere; so you can skip combing.

But I would suggest that you comb your hairs. It looks good and keeps your facial hairs in a good position.

I can see that some beginners use oil in the morning after shower and they apply butter in night. That’s also good and you can do that but I think that the men’s grooming care routine that I have mentioned is perfect and works pretty nice.

Let me know in comments if I am able to answer your question on – "which beard products to use?". And, what do you think that which beard products are going to work best for you?

Also, please let me know which products you are using and in which scents.

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