What Is Beard Soap? - Best Beard and Mustache Soap

• What is Beard Soap?

• And what is so special in soap that it is known as by the name ‘Beard Soap’?

• Is this beard bar soap like ordinary soaps and if No, then what different quality it possess?

• Why I cannot use normal soaps for my beard?

• Why I have to buy a special soap for my facial hairs?

• Which is Best Beard Soap available in the market?

The above are some of the questions that might be swinging in your mind. By now, if you have checked on our products then you must have noticed that we boast of our beard soap a lot. And our bearded brothers are too enjoying our beard soap.

But the question still remains that what is so special about Beard Soap Bar?

As the name suggests, beard soap bar is the special bar soap that is manufactured especially for facial hairs. I have seen many people that they apply the head shampoo on their facial hairs. I strongly contradict this decision. And strongly advice that you should never use the head shampoo for your beard.

Apart from hair shampoo, there are normal body soaps too. So, can we use those body soaps for our beards?

My answer remains same – NO. Neither hair shampoo and nor body soap should be used for our magnificent beards.

Facial hairs are special hair for men and they need special care and special products. Let us dig this topic in detail that why we should always use beard soap instead of regular body soaps.

Why Body Soap Should Not Be Used on Beard?

Many brothers knowingly or unknowingly use their regular body soaps on their beards. But the question is that whether the regular body soap can be used for washing the beard or not?

The answer is Big NO.

The reason for this is that regular body soaps are not specifically manufactured keeping in mind the delicacy of beard hair. They are designed and developed for skin and as such the same types of ingredients are filled-in.

If you know the body soaps manufacturing process then remember that the useful glycerin is taken away from the fat. And after the manufacturing is completed, that glycerin does not accumulate in the normal soaps.

This glycerin is very much essential for your facial hair and using these regular soaps will hinder your beard to get full benefits of this glycerin.

Many Soap Manufacturing Companies add artificial flavors and synthetic agents in order to cope with the glycerin effect. They go on adding harmful chemicals in the soaps so that you never know that the soap misses glycerin.

If soap has adequate amounts of glycerin then the bathing soap will have ample amounts of moisturizing power as well. But when glycerin dies as part of manufacturing then in order to feed the soap with the equivalent moisturizing power; the companies have to mingle it with harmful chemicals.

But the point to ponder here is that these chemicals and synthetic agents prove harmful to human body. No doubt, your body will feel the same moisture but is it worth on the cost of your beautiful skin?

On skin, however, it works but when it comes to Beard then remember that your Beard cannot tolerate these dangerous chemicals.

So, it explains that why body soap should not be used on Beard. And why you should always go with Beard Soaps and only Best Beard Bar Soaps.

I would infact go a step ahead and would suggest you to apply only 100% Natural soaps on your Beard. We, at HowlingBeard Company, always make 100% natural products.

If you are using HowlingBeard Company Beard Soap then you get the following extra benefits:
• You will get special soap designed especially for Beards and not any regular body soap.

• Your Soap will be Natural.

• Not only just natural but the soap will be 100% natural.

• The same soap can be applied successfully on your Mustache as well. And that’s why; we call our soap as ‘Beard and Mustache Soap’.

I can bet that you cannot get any best option other than this.

So, checkout HowlingBeard Company Beard and Moustache Soap here.

Why To Use only Natural Soaps On Beard?

I have explained above that our HowlingBeard Company will give you 100% natural soap. But why natural soap? And what is the importance of natural soaps for your skin and hair?

When it comes to natural products then they are always best for your body. There are multiple reasons. These products do not contain any sort of harmful chemicals. They are made up of all natural ingredients.

So, when you use any product which does not contain anything other than natural ingredients then it’s a big plus for you and your body.

Our HowlingBeard Company always makes natural products only. And so, is our soap natural and therefore, you must use it for your Magnificent Beard.

Our Beard Bar Soap is natural and chemical free and it suits any type of beards.

Beard Soap Benefits:

There are numerous benefits associated with using Beard Soap and including it in your daily routine.

1. Keeps Natural Oil Flowing:
You should know that human body produces natural oils. And this natural oil is responsible for keeping your skin and hairs healthy.

Using the soaps filled with harsh chemicals will make your body leave those precious and natural oils. This in turn will weaken your body ability to hold the hairs. Thus, you will keep on losing your hairs.

Using Beard Soap will preserve these natural oils and thus, you have more chances of not losing your precious hairs.

2. Keeps Skin Hydrated:
The soap helps in the hydration of your skin. It really hydrates your face skin. But again, the suggestion is that use only 100% Natural Beard Soap.

3. Lasts Longer:
I have clearly explained above that shampoo is not meant for your beard. You can use the shampoo on your head and scalp but not on your facial hairs.

But I am here to give you another reason that will force you to use Beard soap instead of Hair Shampoo. Generally, we see that when we drop shampoo on our palm then chances are that you end up in dropping more quantity that what actually is required.

On the other hand, if you are using the soap then same quantity beard and moustache soap will last longer for your personal uses. So, using Beard and Moustache Soap will help you in saving some money too.

4. Less Expensive:
Soap is less expensive than the shampoo. You will see that generally, shampoo costs at high end and buying soap can save you some bucks. But I will never recommend you to adjust the quality over money. So, if you are going for soap then make sure that you choose only high quality Beard and Moustache Soap.

5. Environment Friendly:
Any good beard soap is environment friendly. Let me clear here that not all soaps are environment-friendly and you cannot use any beard soap assuming that it will be good for the environment. So, make sure that you always use an environment friendly soap such as our HowlingBeard collection of soaps.

How to Pick the Right Beard Soap?

Now, when we know the numerous benefits of beard soaps, let us focus on the points which will help us to pick the right beard soap.

1. Should Clean Well
A good soap is one that cleans well. Why you buy soap at first instance? So that it cleans your body properly. Correct? So, the foremost duty of any soap is cleaning and washing.

And therefore, we have listed this feature on top of the list. If any soap is unable to clean well then no one will use it albeit it might be having many more features.

Thus, the cleaning ability of any soap should be always excellent.

2. Should Be Natural
I highly recommend using all natural products. I am a big fan of natural products and thus, recommend the same to all. Natural products are very good for skin and hair and you should always try to buy the 100% Natural products.

3. Look At Ingredients
We should always check the ingredients before buying any product; whether the product is for applying on the body or is any eatable thing.

Always see what things are used in the manufacturing of the soap and then you can decide whether that product is good for you or not. Some people are allergic to certain things and thus, you should focus on ingredients.

Our 'HowlingBeard Beard and Mustache Soap' is made of some of the finest ingredients and we have clearly listed what we use in its manufacturing.

We use more than 20 things to make our soap. So, you can imagine what you get when you use it. We highly recommend our soap for your beard and hair. The good thing is that you can even use this soap for your head and whole body.

Buy HowlingBeard Mustache and Beard Soap here

4. Produces Good Lather
A good beard soap is the one that produces good amount of lather. If any soap fails to produce lather then I doubt its cleaning skills because soap is basically lather. That is lather which will wipe out all the dirt and dust from your hair.

Dirt particles will be attached to the lather and then water will get rid of your beard and body of that lather. And which will result removal of dirt and bacteria.

So, your beard soap should always produce good lather.

5. Good Fragrance
I am sure you want good fragrance out of any product. Some soaps give good fragrances and some as normal. This is upto you on which type of fragrance you are going with. Some soaps come unscented as well. I personally prefer a good scent.

6. Size
While considering the soap, you should also keep in mind the size of your beard soap. It should not be so small that it finishes soon and you end up in some wastes. Because when the soap remains as a small piece then it becomes difficult to apply.

I would recommend that your Beard or Mustache Soap should be atleast 3 to 4oz in size.

7. Money
The money should also be considered when purchasing the products. I would strongly recommend that do not settle for any cheap products but always look for the quality. But if you get quality and best beard soap at low price then it is nothing less than awesome.

How To Use and Apply Beard Soap?

There are 2 ways of using and applying beard soap on beard and skin.

1. Applying The Soap Directly on Beard: The one way is that you sprinkle your beard with water and then apply the soap on it directly. In this way, you pour full cups of water on your beard or you can be under shower and then you apply the beard soap on your face and beard. But for best results and good lather, make sure you wet the soap with water before applying it directly on your beard.

2. Apply Lather On Beard: Another way is that you take the beard soap in your palms and rub the soap with your palms and water so that the soap produces good amount of lather. You can then massage your beard and moustache with this lather.

You can use any of the above mentioned methods. Both are perfect and vary as per self comfort. Let me know which method of applying beard soap suits you?

What Not To Do With Your Favorite Beard Soap Bar?

Is there something that we should not do with our one of the best beard soaps? Yes, there are few points which you must keep in mind while following the beard care routine:

Do not apply your precious bearded soap on your underarms or even at private parts. Let me clear here that if your Beard Soap is All-Natural then it will not do any harm and you can apply it on any part of your body. Suppose, if you are using our HowlingBeard Soap then you can use it anywhere on your body.

Do not apply the soap directly on your dry beard. Infact, produce a rich lather on your palms and then apply that lather on your facial hairs. Though if you want to apply the soap directly on the beard then make sure your beard should be watery enough and you follow the steps as mentioned in previous section.

How often should you use beard Soap for Beard Washing?

Now when we know all the benefits of All-Natural Beard Soap and which soap to pick, we are ready for our purchase. But what after that?

Can I apply the soap on my mustache and beard daily in the morning?

My answer to this question is that although a good natural soap will not do any harm if you use it daily for your beard cleaning and washing then also I personally use the soap on my beard 3-4 times a week.

But again, it all depends on you. If you see your beard gets trapped with dirt daily then you can happily apply the soap daily but make sure you use only good natural soaps.

Let me know how you apply Soap on your beard and how many days a week you use your Best Beard Soap Bar?

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