An Interview with Howling Brother Allen McGregor

Today, we have a very special guest with us in our Interview series. He is none other than Allen McGregor. Allen is happy to share with us his personal life, his journey and his views about our products. Allen is kind enough to provide his review on Howling beard company products and he also reveals his favorite howling scent.

Allen is an inspiration for all of us. He does 3 jobs at the moment. So, let us hear directly from Allen.

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1. Atul: Tell something about yourself and your family?
Allen: I am a kind hearted, down to earth person. I’m very friendly and sometimes out going. I like getting to know people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. I am the type of person that would give you the shirt off my back.

So a little bit about my family, well my immediate family as of right now it’s just me and my older sister. My only older brother and parents have passed on. They were wonderful people and I think about them every day. My father was a cab driver and my mother worked at a hospital.

2. Atul: What you do professionally?
Allen: I currently work two to three jobs. My first main job is that I am a laborer for Boston housing. I do landscaping, snow removal and house cleaning. My second job is that I am a part time supervisor for cvs. My third job is security sometimes.

3. Atul: When you started growing the Beard and Why?
Allen: I have started growing my beard 🧔🏾 when I could grow one, and I would go through different phases. Sometimes I had goatee or kept it low. I grew my beard because of my father. My father had a big beard and wore it proudly.

Another example why I grow the beard is simply because I have the genetics. I like having a beard; it makes me stand out from other men that don’t have one (nothing against men that don’t have beards). And I love getting compliments from women.

4. Atul: How you take care of your Beard?
Allen: When taking care of my beard I simply rinse it everyday. I wash my beard two days a week with beard soap. I condition my beard with a beard conditioner at least four days a week. After that, I gently comb out my beard and let it air dry until it’s damp. Then I add my products to my beard - oil first and then beard butter.

5. Atul: What you think are the benefits of Beard?
Allen: The benefit of a beard to me is it makes you look more masculine. Having a beard protects your skin from too much heat and keeps your face warm in the cold.

6. Atul: Tell us some of your hobbies.
Allen: My hobbies are video games, reading, trying different foods and going for long walks.

7. Atul: What is love of your life?
Allen: The love of my life is God.

8. Atul: Any Personal Anecdote you want to share?
Allen: I don’t have any personal anecdotes to share.

9. Atul: Biggest Happiness of life?
Allen: The biggest happiness of life for me is having power and love and a sound mind.

10. Atul: Biggest Tragedy of life?
Allen: The biggest tragedy of my life was when my only brother and parents passed away.

11. Atul: Which Howling Beard Products you have tried till now?
Allen: The howling beard products I have are the oils, butters, the beard soap and the hair/body soap.

12. Atul: Which Howling Beard Scents you have tried till now and which is your favorite?
Allen: The howling scents I have tried so far are Jingle Jangle and Terrific Floral. They smell amazing and my favorite scent so far is Terrific Floral.

13. Atul: Any Personal Recommendation to guys starting on Beard Journey?
Allen: My recommendations for guys starting on their beard journey is keep it growing, take care of it and get some good beard products like Howling Beard co.

14. Atul: There are few haters for Beards. Any message for them?
Allen: For the beard haters out there I don’t care, it’s my body, my face, my choice.

15. Atul: What if someone asks you to shave?
Allen: If somebody asked me to shave, the simple answer is NO.

16. Atul: Any Closing Notes
Allen: For all the bearded men out there, love God and yourself. Keep your beard growing and embrace the beard you have.

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