HowlingBeard Brother Chris Ogle - Questions & Answers

We recently started publishing interviews of our Howling Bearded brothers. As a part of first interview, we featured Jose Quintanilla and presented his views in front of you. You came to know about Jose, his hobbies, his personal life and as well as about his professional life. Jose also presented his views about Howling Beard Company and its products. 

We are continuing this series ahead and today, we are here with another interview-round and this time, we have another special guest. He is Chris Ogle and you know; he is a great musician. He is a guitarist and hails from a music family. Another good thing is that he is our bearded brother and is proud to be a part of Howling Bearded Brotherhood.

So, let us straight continue on the questions that we asked Chris and the answers which he presented for all of us.

Question 1. Tell something about yourself and your family?
Answer: I am a musician. I play guitar and do vocals. My family is a very musical family as well. I started playing guitar at age 8, my dad taught me how to play and I picked it up from there. I do metal vocals; I have been doing vocals for about 4 years.

Question 2. What you do professionally?
Answer: What I do professionally is work in a warehouse I load and unload trucks and drive a forklift, count inventory and make sure the warehouse is clean.

Question 3. When you started growing the Beard and why?
Answer: I started growing my beard about 4 years ago. I have always liked the bearded look so I thought I'd give it a try, and here I am. My cousin actually inspired me to grow a beard; I thought it would be cool to have a beard like him.

Question 4. How you take care of your Beard?
Answer: How I take care of my beard is I wash it every other night, and always either use balm, oil, or butter in it every night.

Question 5. What you think are the benefits of Beard?
Answer: The benefits of a beard are that I get a lot of compliments about it and I think it's stylish.

Question 6. Tell us some of your hobbies.
Answer: My hobbies consist of guitar playing, vocals, cooking, and writing lyrics.

Question 7. What is love of your life?
Answer: Love of my life is my fiancé and my guitars. Also, I can't forget the beard lol.

Question 8. Any Personal Anecdote you want to share?
Answer: I can't think of any personal anecdotes at this time.

Question 9. Which Howling Beard Products you have tried till now?
Answer: I have tried the beard oil, balm and styling clay. It's the best stuff I've ever used.

Question 10. Which Howling Beard Scents you have tried till now and which is your favorite?
Answer: I have just tried Swayer Scent and it smells amazing. I will definitely be trying more.

Question 11. Any Personal Recommendation to guys starting on Beard Journey?
Answer: I would recommend anything from Howling Beard. Such great quality products. You seriously can't go wrong.

Question 12. There are few haters for Beards. Any message for them?
Answer: My message for beard haters! Stop being so jealous lol.

Question 13. What if someone asks you to shave?
Answer: If someone asks me to shave? It will be a strong NO. I have put too much time and work into it.

Question 14. Any Closing Notes
Answer: I have been growing my beard for 4 years; it's been a little frustrating at times. But it takes patience to get it where you want it. I would have to say -"Remain as patient as you can because it is such a rewarding feeling".

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