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This is our interaction with our HowlingBeard brother Jose Quintanilla. This is our first interaction of the series that we are going to publish here. So, let us directly jump onto the content.

Question 1. Tell something about yourself and about your family?
Answer: Well, I am Jose Quintanilla. I am from Los Angeles, California. I have born and brought-up in Los Angeles, California itself. I have a twin sister. It is just me, mom and dad; and yeah, I am stage 4 cancer survivor.

I got diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma at an early age when I was around 11 years old. So, my childhood was pretty rough for me when I was growing up with that. I am currently in remission.

Question 2. What you do professionally?
Answer: Currently, I am working for the government as Ramp Agent at LAX for the International Flights.

Question 3. When you started growing the Beard and why?
Answer: I started growing my beard at an early age, when I was just 15 years old. And this is a fact that I was the only boy in my high school with a beard. So, you can see that I have been growing my bread when I was of 15 years age.

Question 4. How you take care of your Beard?
Answer: First thing I got do is get my beard wash or conditioner first. I always do it when I take a shower. After the shower, I let my beard air dry. After that, I apply some beard oil on my beard. After applying the oil on my beard, I just comb it with a beard comb. After combing the beard, I always go with beard butter because it got a good strong hold for thick beard.

Question 5. What you think are the benefits of Beard?
Answer: Well first thing is that Beard Prevents Asthma Attack from Happening. Also during the winter, it keeps your face nice and warm but the most important thing is beard makes you feel better about yourself overall.

Howling Beard Jose Quintanilla
Question 6. Tell us some of your hobbies?
Answer: Well, I am really into rockabilly and I obey art and tattoos. But I don't have any tattoo yet. I am super dog lover. I have one crazy German shepherd. I am really into rock-n-roll, hip hop, rap, some heavy metal and some Spanish music.

I have just entered into hardcore/punk music and just started going to shows as well. Also, I am in a beard club. I am there secretary for the club. I have just started going hiking again and I am really into Halloween/horror 🎃🎃🎃.

Question 7. Any Personal Anecdote you want to share?
Answer: It must be my cancer with which I was diagnosed. With Hodgkin lymphoma stage 4, they only gave me 15% to survive that but I have kicked cancer ass. Though I am still in remission and I am currently diagnosed with Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS).

ALPS is an inherited disorder in which the human body cannot regulate the lymphocytes in a proper way. The lymphocytes are the immune system cells. ALPS is characterized when the human body produces lymphocytes abnormally. The body produces too much lymphocytes and due to this, the excess number of lymphocytes get stored in the body. Because of it, I am becoming so introvert that it has been a rough one for me but I am still fighting though 💪💪.

Question 8. Which Howling Beard Products you have tried till now?
Answer: I have tried the Beard oil and Beard Butter.

Question 9. Which Howling Beard Scents you have tried till now and which is your favorite?
Answer: I have tried the Allure Queen scent. I love the clean and cologne smell. It is a must for the man who wants to impress his lady friend 👌👌.

Question 10. What is love of your life?
Answer: I really don't have one at the moment but it is all good👌👌.

Question 11. Any Personal Recommendation to guys starting on Beard Journey?
Answer: I would recommend most of the time for a guy is to start with some beard oil. This is the number one thing that guys don't do when they first start to grow the beard. That’s why most guys just start shaving their beards off because the beard starts to get itchy due to the dry skin. So, my tip here is to use beard oil. It doesn't matter how big your beard is or how small it is, you definitely need good beard oil.

Question 12. There are few haters for Beards. Any message for them?
Answer: In other words, when someone makes a disparaging comment about your beard, it's not really a criticism of you -instead, it's a criticism of a decision you made.

My reaction always remains noteworthy, because things like these usually don't bother me. I have had plenty of people which say negative things about me and it rolls off my back.

Question 13. What if someone asks you to shave?
Answer: I will say that I am not interested in what you are offering. And so, thank you but I will not shave.

Question 14. Any Closing Notes
Answer: I really didn't get an answer for this question; sorry about that.

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