HowlingBeard Brotherhood - Interaction with Shawn Legendre

On August 5, we started our series of interactions with our brothers. The first questions answers session we published was with Jose Quintanilla. The session went very well and we came to know much about Jose.

Then after few days, we got a chance to interact with Chris Ogle and we published the interaction on our website. Chris shared his insights and also presented his view about our products.

This time, we have another special guest for all of you. Do you know who he is?

He is Shawn Legendre - Bearded Rebellion Beard Club Canadian chapter president and our brother.

So, let us straight away jump onto the questions answers session and let us know more about Shawn.

Question 1. Tell something about yourself and your family?
Answer: Well let's see. I have 2 great kids - my daughter who is 19 and my son who's 16.

Question 2. What you do professionally?
Answer: I am a blue collar worker and a strong Union guy.

Question 3. When you started growing the Beard and Why?
Answer: I started a few times but didn't get serious until about 2 years ago. Why because I am neither woman nor child LOL.

Question 4. How you take care of your Beard?
Answer: I have my routine down pretty good now. In the shower, always use a good wash 2-3 times a week with a conditioner as well. Once dried, I use about 4-5 drops of beard oil and run it thoroughly through my beard. Then I use a board brush to even out. This is followed by a balm or butter depending on what my day looks like. Then I use a beard comb to get the right shape.

Question 5. Tell us some of your hobbies.
Answer: I played football through high school and some college. I have played paintball in the NPPL for a bit as well. Now I'm an avid outdoorsman and love to camp.

Question 6. Any Personal Anecdote you want to share?
Answer: Hmm tough one, I tell people to always look forward with their head held high to the future and not behind them as they aren't going that way.

Question 7. Which Howling Beard Products you have tried till now?
Answer: I've tried the oils.

Question 8. Which Howling Beard Scents you have tried till now and which is your favorite?
Answer: Both 'Jingle Jangle' and 'Allure Queen' so far but looking to get more.

Question 9. Any Personal Recommendation to guys starting on Beard Journey?
Answer: Just stick with it, somedays it can seem like a struggle but the end result is definitely worth it.

Question 10. Any Closing Notes.
Answer: As the president of the Bearded Rebellion Beard Club Canadian chapter, we're always looking for new gentlemen on their beard journey. If you are interested, hit me up on Instagram @toxic_effect_69. And may the beard be strong with you 👊🏻.

So, this was our interaction with Shawn Legendre. And if you are interested to join the Bearded Rebellion Beard Club Canadian chapter then hit him up for sure. You can also contact us and we will make sure to take your request to Shawn.

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