How To Use Beard Oil And Apply On Your Beard

How to use Beard Oil is the most common question in Bearded Brotherhood. No doubt, that this is one of the basic questions of beginners (the ones who are starting in their facial hair journey); but I am mentioning the easy technique of using and applying Beard oil here for everybody so that all can benefit from this technique.

When it comes to men's grooming and taking care of Beards, the very first beard-care product that people want to use on their Beards is the Beard Oil.

I have seen many people purchase the beard enhancement oil first and then they do mistakes while correctly applying the beard oil on their beards.

Some think that just like they put oil on their scalp and head, the same way they should put the oil on their face as well. Well, I contradict your thought here.

In few terms, you are correct but you cannot count yourself as 100% right. It is true that you have to put oil drops on your palm and apply to your facial hair but there are several questions and myths associated with it.

Beard Oil Questions

Below are some of the beard oil questions that you must had in your minds, anytime:

• How much beard oil to apply?

• How much beard oil drops to put on palms?

• Do I need to directly spray the oil on my beard or do I need to rub the oil on my palms first?

• Is rubbing the beard oil on palm necessary or no?

• What if I add excess oil on my face? Will it add to any deterioration of my beautiful beard or will it be an added advantage? Does more oil mean more growth and vice versa?

• When to apply Beard Oil?

• Do I need to apply my Beard Oil in the morning or in the evening or in the afternoon or before bed?

• Do I need to bath before massaging my beard? And should the water be cold or warm?

• Can I go outside my home after putting the oil on my beard or do I need sound sleep after that? What would be the best for my facial hair?

• Etc…

I have laid down quite a good number of questions that might be erupting in your mind. Please feel free to add any other questions that I might have left here. But on the top of my head, I can only think of these beard queries.

I actually think from novice point of view that what all beard oil questions one may have. And to be very honest, I was also having these when I started my beard journey :). These are the queries that every beginner using the facial hair oil has and I would say it is must for any beginner to have such types of queries.


What Is Beard Oil?

I have taken lots of time in the preface and I think now I should move into the actual gist of the article which is - How To Use Beard Oil And Apply On Your Beard?

Let us dive into the arena.

How To Use Beard Oil And Apply On Your Beard ?

Let us segregate the beard oil usage into as below:

1. Cleaning the Beard

2. How much Beard Oil to use

3. How to apply Beard Oil

1. Cleaning the Beard

The first step is to clean your beard. Take some warm water and wash your beard with it. The best is to use HowlingBeard Mustache and Beard Soap to clean your Beard. Put few cups of warm water on your face or sprinkle the water drops on your face.

Then apply the soap on facial hair and make rich lather. Afterwards, rinse the facial hair with warm water. Our soap also helps in the moisturizing during cleaning of beard.

2. How Much Beard Oil To Use?

This is the second question that needs to be answered. And the question is valid in its context that how much beard enhancement oil one should use.

You should remember that every Beard is different in itself and one cannot be compared with any other. But then also, I would suggest you to stick with below formula to conclude on how much beard oil to be used.

Trainee Bearded Man: If your Beard growth journey is a beginner's journey and your Beard is of few days or of 20 to 30 days then use some 3-4 drops of beard enhancement oil. For around a month’s beard, I have named you as 'Trainee Bearded Man'. Since you are starting on beard journey, so it is better to stick with this name.

Many a brothers had to shave due to some unavoidable circumstances and they cannot be added into this category. But then also, since your beard will be small at this time, so better we all stick to this terminology.

Beginner Bearded Man: If your beard is growing from last 30-100 days or we can say that you are growing your beard from around 3 months then think yourself as Beginner Bearded Man. You can take 4-7 drops of beard enhancement oil in your palms and apply the drops on your beard.

I know brothers feel very happy on reaching this category. It is a good feeling for someone on bearded journey that he has crossed the trainee category.

Expert Bearded Man: If your beard growth journey is into 3 to 12 months then you fall into 'Expert Bearded Man' category. It means that if you are into a year of journey of your Beard Growth then you can call yourself as an Expert in Pogonophile field.

Since, if a person is growing his beard from last 3 months and is proceeding towards the facial hair journey then he can call himself as Expert Pogonophile. Obviously, as he spends more time growing a beard, he gets more knowledge.


A person whose beard is of 8 months old would be having more knowledge in how to take care of his beautiful beard than the person whose beard is of 4 months.

I am saying this because as and when you are grow your beard, you get to know about more beard products, more challenges and the more outcomes.

But then also, if you are continuously taking care of your Facial Hair from last 3 months then you can count yourself as Expert Bearded Man.

Expert Bearded Men can apply 8-12 drops of Beard Oil on their beards.

Howling Bearded Man: This is the last and final category that we have created for all Bearded Brothers. This is the upmost feeling that a bearded man feels when he enters into this category.

But to be a Howling Bearded Man, you have to keep patience and grow your beard for atleast a year. It is good if you grow it continuously after a year also, even for 10 years, 20 years or anything.

But does that mean that you need to wait for 10 or 20 years to register yourself as Howling Bearded Man. I would say it as Big NO.

You need not have to wait for so many years but yes, if you cross a year taking care of your facial hair then you can call yourself as HOWLING. But remember, I said you crossed one year but and only but, taking care of your facial hair.

So, it means that if you are not taking care of your beard and you have no love for it then you will not be considered as Howling. So, the foremost thing is that you should be a Pogonophile.

And remember one thing, If you have no love for your Beard then you have no right to fall in any of the Bearded categories.

Howling Bearded Men need to put and apply 12 drops and more oil on their beards. 12 drops is must for one year journey of growth but how much number of oil drops should go if your beard is into 5 or 10 years of beard journey?

I leave this question's answer to upto you. Because after a year of growth, you have a Howling Beard and now, you can yourself better judge this question and answer it accordingly.

I think now you have a very good idea on how much beard oil you have to use and apply on your beard and skin.

3. How to apply Beard Oil?

This is the final and the most important part of the knowledge article that in reality how to use Beard Oil and apply on your Beard.

There are 2 ways for applying the beard oil and we will be discussing both ways here.


First Method: (Take Oil in Palm)

This is the most common method of applying bead oil on your beard. Let us discuss this method in more detail point-wise.

Before starting on applying the oil on your beard, I would recommend you take a shower and then dry it with a towel. For washing the beard, we recommend Beard Wash Soap.

• Firstly, put few drops of oil on your one palm. You can put the drops either on left palm or on your right palm. Generally, people prefer the left palm or right palm as per whether they use left hand for most works or right hand for most of the works.

Generally, left-handed persons pick the bottle with left hand and put beard oil drops on right hand. And right-handed persons pick the bottle with right hand and put the oil drops on left hand.

But you are free to put the beard-oil drops on any of your hands.

And, I have above already mentioned that how many drops you need to put.

• Rub both the hands together so that the oil spreads evenly on both the hands. Don't rub the hands too much as then the oil will stick on your hands itself and your beard will receive few drops only.

• Massage the oil gently on your beard and make sure that it reaches the skin beneath.

• Make sure that you massage your whole beard with the oil. Take your fingers and palms to the bottom of your beard as well.

• If you still have some oil on your hands then you can massage the beard oil on your face. But make sure to read ingredients before massaging on your skin and face; and if your skin is allergic to any ingredients.

• Generally, beard oil will not do any harm to your skin but then also, it is worth checking the ingredients. Some people have skin problems like acne and rashes etc and so, some ingredients might not fit for acne and rashes.

• If you still have excess oil on your palms then you can rub that on your chest hair and head hair. If you are bald then also your scalp will say thanks to you on applying the beardoil. But again, check the ingredients first.

• Comb your Beard using good Beard Comb.


Second Method: (Spray Oil Directly on Beard)

• Now-a-days, there comes spray bottles also by which you can spray the oil directly on your beard. If you have oil in such a bottle then instead of taking the oil in your palms, you can directly spray it on your beard as well.

• Spray few drops of oil on your beard. Make sure you spray the oil drops evenly throughout the beard. Also, make sure to stick to the number of drops that you want to add. Don't add too many drops or too less drops.

• Now, massage the oil drops with your hands.

• Further, follow the above mentioned steps (explained in First Method).

The point to ponder here is that generally oil is applied on the beard after warm shower. But if you are not taking warm shower then I would recommend washing your beard and drying it before applying the oil on it.

How many times Beard Oil to apply?

The next question comes is that how many times a bearded man should apply oil to his beard? The answer depends upon the climatic conditions you are living in.

If you are living in hot climate then you might need to use the oil 2 to 3 times; one in morning after shower, one in afternoon or evening or one before bedtime.

I see some people use the oil in the morning and Beard Butter in the evening. And some people use beard oil 2 times. First time is after shower in the morning and second time in the evening.

Also, some people use the oil once in 2 days. But I would recommend you to use the oil daily atleast once. It does not matter in which climatic conditions you live; but you should apply the oil atleast once daily to your beard.

Let me know your thoughts on applying the beard oil and using it for taking care of your beard. Also, let me know that how many times you apply Beard Oil.

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