How To Wash Your Beard The Right Way?

Bearded Men often get intrigued by the question – "How do I wash my Beard?"
So, today we have the same topic for our discussion – "How to wash your Beard?"

• Is washing your magnificent beard necessary at all?

• Or do some people wash their beards without any usage? Is washing the beard optional or mandatory?

• How do I start washing my beard?

• What to use for washing and cleaning the beard?

• How many times a day/week/month I need to wash my beard?

• What will happen if I clean my beard regularly and what will happen if I do not clean it at all?

The above listed are some of the questions with which your mind might be struggling with. So, in this article, we will clear your all doubts.

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Why You Should Wash Your Beard?

The first question is that why the beard professionals ask us to wash and take care of our beards. And why we should follow their advice and wash our beards?

The thing is that beard is the facial hair and they need the same care and affection as your head hairs need. I would say that beard needs more care than the head hair. Since we are born, we are continuously taking care of our head hair and scalp.

But have we ever thought of taking care and Washing our Magnificent Beards?

I know many of us will answer NO. Atleast in the initial phases of beard-growth, we have never thought of it that we need to oil these hairs the same way as we are doing for our head. And we didn't realize anytime that we have to wash our beards too.


I cannot say much about you guys but yes, me definitely, did not even think on this that why beard is shouting on me and screaming –
"Hey Atul! Where are you? Why you are not looking at me? Why you don't care for me; after all, I am your body part?"
I love my beard but I myself ignored it in the early phases of growth but I don’t want you to repeat the mistake that I did.

So, my advice to all of you is that you should always take care of your beard. And when I say taking care of beard, it involves multiple steps; such as cleaning, washing and combing your facial hair.

The first and foremost step that involves in taking care of the beard is washing the beard.

Every day, dust particles fall on your body and they get clotted on your body including head, hair, beard, face, hands and legs etc. In order to remove that dust, we wash our body with soap and head-hair with shampoo.

But what about the Beard?

Just spraying water on facial hair will not remove the dust from it. You need a proper way to wash your beard. It involves spraying water and using any good beard soap so that your beard gets washed and cleaned properly. If you are not comfortable with any soap then you can also use Beard Shampoo as well, but no Hair Shampoo.

If we will not use proper things and if we will not wash our beard then the dust and dirt will keep on accumulating on it and the beard will look dirty.

So, washing the beard is MANDATORY because:


1. Washing the beard eliminates the dirt and dust from it.

2. You need to wash your beard so that it looks more attractive and appealing.

3. In order to make your Beard as healthy, you must wash it properly.

4. Washing the facial hair makes the hair smooth and shiny.

5. You must have seen some people have their beards as very dull and their partner cannot even pamper it. In order to avoid all these, you must wash your beard.

6. Roughness in the Beard can be wiped out by washing it.

7. Suppose you apply oil or butter on your beard today after shower. You go out and meet with people and when you come back to your home, dust gets stuck to your beard.

If tomorrow again, you reapply the oil without washing then the past day’s oil will still be sticking to your beard. And reapplying the oil will make it oilier. So, washing the beard is necessary before ointment.

8. We all know that Beard products such as Oils, Butters come in various scents. We do have 7 different Howling Beard Scents. If today you are applying ‘Swayer’ Scent and tomorrow you want to apply ‘Golden Hut’ then how you can think of applying new scent without washing the beard.

If you do not wash your beard before applying second scent then the fragrance of first scent will mix with second one.

Washing wipes out the first scent altogether and you are free to apply another scent of your choice. So, you can say that washing the beard with good soap is required.

Unless and until you want to mix 2 different scents and apply on your beard, you will definitely want that the first fragrance should go away.

9. Also, if in the night, you have applied Beard Butter and the next morning, you want to use Oil on your beard then you need your beard washed. No doubt, you can take plain shower and use the oil but plain water will not guarantee you the removal of greasy property. But yes, using good beard soap will guarantee the removal of greasiness.

10. Do you know that an average man nearly grows 25,000 hairs on his face in every 24 hours? You would say that this is too much hair. Yes, it is and this forces you again to wash your facial hairs properly and at regular intervals.

How To Wash Your Beard?

This is the real part of the story which we will be exploring now. The reason that before dwelling into this topic, I have tried to explain that why you should really wash your beard is that unless and until you are not ready to understand that washing your beard is mandatory, you will never wash your beard.

In order to wash your beard, there are few pre-requisites.

You need following 2 things:
• Water
Beard Soap (or, Beard Wash Shampoo)

We all know that for washing and cleaning, water always remain the prerequisite. Without water, we cannot think of cleaning anything; so how one can think of cleaning and washing his beard without water?

Water remains pre-requisite for washing the beard as well. But I would recommend you to get some warm water to wash the beard. If you don’t get warm water then also it is fine. But lukewarm water always remains best.

We need water to rinse away the lather and to apply soap.

Beard Soap:
This is the main thing which will help us to answer our question that how to wash your beard. The soap is something which is required to build up lather and then we can rinse away this lather with water. But without good beard soap, water alone would not be able to do anything.

Beard Wash Shampoo:
If you do not want to wash your beard with soap then no worries, we have another solution for you. You can also use Beard Wash Shampoo to wash and clean your beard. But make sure that you are using here beard shampoo that is specifically designed for your beard and not any ordinary head hair shampoo.

So now, when we are done with both the pre-requisites, let us proceed washing our beard in real sense. So, let us be ready to answer the question – How to wash your beard?

Steps In Washing The Beard

Step I. Water should be at correct temperature.


It should neither be too hot and nor too cold. It should be lukewarm. When you have correct temperature water then you should clean your beard with this water. Wet your beard properly with the water because we need to apply soap after that. So beard hairs should be properly wet.

Step II. Rub the Beard Soap on the beard.

You can either rub the soap directly onto your beard and build lather or can build lather in your palms and then apply that lather on your beard.

If you are using beard shampoo instead of soap then squeeze the bottle to get some shampoo on your palm. Build lather on your palm with water and apply that lather on your beard. You can also directly put the shampoo on your facial hair and can then build lather using the water and rubbing the hair with your palms.

Step III. Massage your beard.

Now with your both palms, massage your beard gently and on all sides. Make sure that you just not put lather on top. Instead, go deep inside with your fingers so that the lather reaches deep inside the skin and every part of hair properly.

Step IV. Rinse the Lather.

Now, take the water and rinse the lather with it. Make sure you use the same temperature water which you used before applying the soap. The temperature can vary a little but I would advise you sticking to the same temperature water.

Rub your fingers on every beard hair and make sure to rinse properly so that no soap residues remain on your face or beard.

Step V. Use Towel.

Dry your facial hair with a towel.

Step VI. Use Beard Oil.

Apply few drops of beard oil. You need to check this article on how to use and apply beard oil?

Step VII. Comb Your Beard.

Take a good comb and use it to comb your beard. We have a nice collection of beard combs here.

Which Beard Soap to use?

Now when you know that washing the beard is absolutely essential and you also know that how to wash your beard with beard soap; this is the time for you to know that which beard soap you should use?

We highly recommend you use our Howling Beard and Moustache Soap. We are not just saying this due to the reason that it is our product but we know that how we manufacture it. Our HowlingBeard beard and moustache soap is one of the best beard wash in the industry. And our soap works for your all facial hairs. You can use it even for your mustache as well.

Our all products are all 100% natural, and we are plant-based. Natural is always best and it is future as well. So, I personally recommend that you only use natural products. Whether the products are related to beard or hair or skin or other body parts, try to use as much as natural products as you can.

If you are not getting any natural product then it is a different thing but if you can buy natural products then always go with natural stuff.

Which Beard Shampoo to use?

Again, I would recommend you to use our Beard Wash Shampoo. We have specially taken care of the quality and ingredients while making it for you.

How Frequently Shall I Wash My Beard?

The next thing to ponder is that how many times daily/weekly/monthly you should be washing and cleaning your beard?

I would recommend you not to wash your beard daily. Infact, wash your beard twice or thrice a week. Our beard soap is all natural and if you wash your facial hair daily with it then also you will not face any roughness in your beard but then also, I would advise you to wash the facial hair twice or maximum thrice a week only.

Hair Shampoo or Beard Wash Shampoo or Beard Soap?
I have seen many fellow bearded guys using hair shampoo for their beards as well. I would really suggest that you do not make this mistake. Shampoo designed for head hair will not work for your facial hair. So, stay away from it.

Instead, always use good beard soap or beard shampoo for cleaning and washing your beard.

Let me know how many days per week you wash your beard.

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